Bridal Party Bouquets

Like most pieces that work together to create the perfect wedding day,  wedding bouquets are a long time tradition, and of course one of our favorites.  We’ll take a leap of faith and guess, however, that most brides to be aren’t aware of the origin of the bouquet.  Consider this your “something you learned today”.

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Carrying a bridal bouquet is a tradition that began during ancient times. In fact, the earliest wedding bouquets were not flowers at all. During ancient times, women carried bunches of garlic to ward off evil spirits. The ancient Greeks and Romans place garland around the neck of the bride and groom to represent new life, fertility and hope. The Celtics created bouquets of strong herbs and spices. These bouquets included thistle, heather and ivy. The pungent aroma of the herbs and spices was thought to have mystical power strong enough to keep the evil spirits away.

Queen Victoria began a new tradition by adding fresh flowers to her bouquet along with the herbs and spices when she married Prince Albert in 1840. The edible herb dill, which is also known as the herb of lust, was eaten by the bride, groom and their wedding guests at the wedding reception.

Today’s wedding and bridal party bouquets can be unique as the bride herself – from sweet simplicity to spunky and colorful, here is a look at some of our favorites.

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