A Vintage Wedding

Every wedding couple has a story, and this vintage wedding at the Montelucia comes with one of the most lovely stories we’ve heard, making the whole day just a little bit sweeter.

Sirine and Ryan met at a bar in Newport beach – she was on a double date, and he asked her to dance.  Bold move, and they’ve been dancing ever since.

On a 5am run the morning after Valentine’s Day, he bent down to tie his shoes – and proposed.  Sirine was so excited, she sprinted home to call her parents right away.

2010 Erica Velasco Photographers

The flowers and decor were very important to Sirine and Ryan – they wanted an intimate gathering full of white flowers and decor, with a bit of delicate vintage touches.  “The ceremony site and reception were exactly what I envisioned.”

2010 Erica Velasco Photographerssirineryanwed_9032010 Erica Velasco Photographers2010 Erica Velasco Photographers
2013 Copyright Angelic Grove , Photographer: Erica Velasco

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