Spanish Style Royal Palms Wedding

Jaime and TJ were tricked into meeting each other by a mutual friend who wanted to set the pair up, but who couldn’t get them to agree to a “set up”.  It seems the trickery worked – they’ve been together ever since.

Jaime’s recollection of the night TJ proposed… We had just finished a wonderful date night, and TJ took our dog (Romo) outside.  A couple of minutes later I heard him yell for me to come outside and “look at something”.  Under the moonlight, with the waterfall and pool light gleaming, TJ got down on one knee, handed me a small box, and asked me to marry him…….

I said yes!

Seeing each other for the first time was one of the most memorable moments of the day for Jaime and TJ.  Jennifer at O’Grace Photography photography captured the moment when she had Jaime walk toward her groom down a long path.  When he turned around they were both overwhelmed with emotion.  Jaime said she’ll remember that moment shared with just the two of them forever.

Jaime and her bridesmaids carried rich colored bouquets made of  vibrant red roses and purple phalaenopsis orchids.

The design for this romantic fairy tale wedding was an Old world, Spanish style with an abundance of candles and romantic red and purple flowers.

Photographer: O’grace Photography

2013 Copyright Angelic Grove


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