Oktoberfest- Fall Celebrations

Octoberfest & Fall Celebrations

Anyone can agree that fall is an exciting transition from the sweltering summer months. The day we see our thermometers drop even the slightest bit we get excited about wearing our new fall wardrobes consisting of a plethora of scarves and boots.  Everyone seems to have their own traditions when celebrating the fall season, some of us enjoy carving pumpkins while others can’t wait to get their hands on those addictive Pumpkin Spice Lattes. However, one of the most exciting ways to ring in the fall season is to celebrate it with Oktoberfest!

We were definitely excited to be selected to decorate this wonderful fall festivity on a beautiful Malibu, CA resident. The sky was blue and the air was as crisp as the German beer.


The cultured details of this event made it beyond memorable.  Guests were serenaded by the German Alphorn player and given the opportunity to taste traditional German foods like Bratwurst and the famous Spaetzal. Ein Bier, bitte!

OKT_6 The different shades of white and blue hydrangeas accented the Bavarian patterned table runners and the blue stemware. The picnic style bench tables was ideal for this cultivated German family affair. The vibrant yellow tulips gave a bright splash of color throughout the event.OKT_71

This was the perfect way to start the fall season. How do you enjoy celebrating the beginning of fall?


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