Napa Valley – A Splendid Getaway

Over the rolling hills and through the vast lands of lush green earth of the Pacific North West Coast, you will find the beautiful wine country of Napa Valley.

Napa Valley, California offers an abundance of beauty, with sprawling grape vines that flourish throughout the season’s to create the most exquisite wines.

Recently, we had the opportunity  to escape with a group of our  closest friends to relax and delve our palates in the most tasteful assortments of what Napa has to offer. With that said, we rented a house spacious enough to host our guests that would accommodate our need for spending time together while enjoying the stunning views. After many days of research we found a beautiful modern haven nestled in between the wineries.

As we arrived to our new home for the next 5 days, the space exceeded our expectations as we were all in awe by the character, style and features it had to offer. Every window and door opened up to create a picture perfect backdrop of the flawless landscapes.



As we settled into our new home, we were right on schedule for our ever so anticipated wine tours.


As our guide leads us down to a private tasting room,  we  discovered the secrets behind the masterpieces of  some of Napa’s finest wines, we learned a great amount of history and interesting facts that we will always remember. Some of the most intriguing of our tours was learning about the barrel caves burrowed 50 feet underground. These man made caves were designed in 1999 and took 3 years to complete, they were specially designed  for aging barrels which gives a range of quality to the wine over time. The caves measure around 2,300 square feet.

photo 3

 Our favorite among the winery tours more so were the non commercialized companies, such as Darioush, Kenzo, and Pride (pictured above). It was such a treat to learn about how they process their wonderful wines.

After touring the vineyards we relaxed under clear blue skies, perfect California climate and enjoyed each others company.

We ended our afternoon tours with a spritz of Chandon.


Markets are some of our favorites to come by. We picked up fresh organic produce and velvety cheese from The Cowgirl Creamery for our dinner.  We also selected some of the most vibrant floral to fill up the house, after all, as designers we never stop creating especially in an environment so inspiring as Napa.

photo 2 (2)


photo 1 (2)

For dinner, we were fortunate to have Chef Christian make some spectacular dishes.  We enjoyed a zesty Caprese salad appetizer to start and a Moroccan Lamb entree braised in the stone pizza oven.

As we end the day lounging in the indoor patio while playing games and sipping our last bits of wine , we can’t think of any other way this trip could have been any better. Our entire trip left us overwhelmed with inspiration.



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