Kids in Weddings

Clients often ask us whether we think it’s a good idea to have kids in weddings.  As with every other decision you have to make for your wedding day, it’s a personal choice.

The biggest thing to know if kids are involved is that anything can happen.  We’ve seen little ones run the opposite direction of the bride and groom, freeze and go nowhere, and make all kinds of remarks during a ceremony.  But they’re kids – it’s to be expected, and actually adds a very sweet element of lightheartedness.

We love seeing kids in weddings, and love designing the floral for them to wear or carry.  For the most part, they steal the show just for a moment, but that moment is most often a very precious one that leaves everyone in attendance smiling.

We’d like to thank the following photographers for providing these photos:

   Marriott Photography     Kimberly Jarman    BQ Photography  Christine Johnson     Hollye Schumacher

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