Across The Pond – English Food & Flowers

We are so fortunate to be able to travel the world, not only for pleasure but to be able to find inspirations in the culture, the environments, food and art. Traveling for us helps our imaginations flourish and guide new ideas for our clients back home. Discovering small markets in little towns to tasting the most exotic of foods can reveal the finest of cultivated taste and we want to always share that with you.  Some of my most cherished memories as a child were to go to the market everyday with my mother, we would visit our regular produce shop, butcher and flower stands to buy our fresh groceries for the day.  Today, it’s all about the English food and flowers and below proves that the English markets still never let me down, the flowers are lush, the food is flavorful and it is just as I remembered as a young girl.

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We could have spent hours at these flower markets, and the carts along the city streets are so charismatic, we couldn’t help but to stop and buy bunches of flowers at several of them.

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