An American Girl

This summer’s Fourth of July celebration was like none other for us, as our dear Brit officially became an American Citizen, and she did it with pure style.  Dressed in fashionable red, white, and blue, Angela was sworn in with over 200 other new citizens.  It was truly a magical day for all of us to experience.  Our dear friend, Stuart Thurkill, of Eyes 2 See Photography volunteered to document the occasion, and we are  incredibly grateful for him.  Stuart captured the story of the experience, the people, the memorable moments, and the happiness felt that day.   View More:

As Americans, we all love the 4th of July for the fireworks and celebrations.  It’s rare for us to actually witness what it means to be honored with an American citizenship.  The paperwork is endless, and the test is one that most of us could never pass – 100 questions to know about U.S. government, laws, and history.  Angela now officially knows more about this country than we do! In a room full of people from over 40 different countries and from all walks of life, the Nationalization ceremony was incredibly moving.  Pride and gratitude filled the room as a handful of new citizens stood on stage to tell their stories of their paths to citizenship. Congratulations to Angela Karp and all who have become American citizens on this special day.

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